Entry #6: Night Ops

DayZ Night Ops

Last night, I finally ran into a friendly face. With his .50 caliber sniper rifle in hand, and decked out it in a ghillie suit (which made it a pain in the ass trying to follow him in the darkness), Dave had clearly been doing well for himself since we last saw each other in Cherno. He informed me that his partner, another guy that’s been carefully living off the land, is fine for now; but they have a man stranded in Berezino, a town due east, near the coast. When he last left him there, this guy had no weapons, no ammo, and barely any food. 

So at midnight, we set off from Stary Sobor and attempted to rescue him.

Traveling at night is usually safer than traveling during the day, but as Chernarus has brutally taught me, you shouldn’t take anything for granted…so we decided to look for supplies at a few places just to make sure we were ready for the dangers that awaited us in Berezino. I kept my distance as Dave popped a chemlight, maybe about 20m or so, just in case any enterprising survivors decided to try and take us out. 

We stumbled onto a rare crash site just west of Gorka. Though we couldn’t see the walkers from afar, we could hear their rattling grunts and growls: Sometimes, it feels like they’re just breathing down my neck. This was clearly their territory.

Upon crawling in for closer inspection, we were able to find a box of medical supplies and some ammo for guns we didn’t have. Not quite the type of gear you’d risk your life for.

And it didn’t help that the helicopter’s former occupants now roamed freely around the open field. As much as we tried to leave quietly, the walkers had other plans; one sniffed me out from just a few feet away and began attacking us without warning…I wasted more bullets than I should have in trying to bring him down, but it bought us enough time to escape.

DayZ Berezino

At 2:30am, we finally reached Berezino. Usually a hot spot for bandit activity, Berezino looked like a sleepy, peaceful town underneath the early morning sky. It was anything but.

Every muscle in my body tensed up as we entered the town, partly because of nervousness, partly because of excitement, and partly because of fear. While I was thankful for each day that I was alive, the mounting pressure of everything that I had to lose was becoming too much to bear. I fought too hard acquiring my MP5 and my Glock; risked my neck for stocking up on bandages and morphine injections; and even risked exposure for hunting down cows for slabs of meat. I’ll be damned if I lost it because of a careless mistake here.

Walkers of all types lived between Berezino’s narrow alleyways and apartments.The military base was not as populated, but further in, as we made our way into an abandoned grocery store, we realized that we would have to tread very carefully if we were to make out of here alive. I only had a few shots left in my silenced automatic. Same with Dave. Worst yet, we still had no idea where his partner was. 

We searched every room and building we could possibly find, took down a few more of the undead, but there was no sign of him. While the town seemed to be rich in food and chemlights, there was not much else worth finding.

Light was beginning to break on the horizon. And with the sun comes the chance for more survivors to interrupt our search. So we decided to leave the town for now, hoping that his partner could live on his own for a little while longer. By the time we found a patch of forest to camp in, a new day had already began. 

A bed made out of fallen leaves isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep on, but it might as well be the Ritz Carlton when comparing it to the cold pack of dirt that I’m used to. The pangs of hunger would have to wait until dusk, as my body gave into the exhaustion. 

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